It can be an intimidating task seeking professional help for such personal issues as disordered eating and negative body image.  I provide individual nutrition therapy in a confidential and comfortable environment.  My approach is direct, warm, humorous, and free of judgement.  I currently see clients in my Seattle office and virtually through the HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform VSee

What to Expect Out of Our Work Together

In your initial session we will discuss your dieting and health history, current eating behaviors, body image, and personal wellness goals.  You will leave with tools you need to begin working on personal changes right away.  

Follow-up sessions are scheduled to explore your food and body image issues in more depth, discuss resources that may help you further your goals, and to provide ongoing guidance to determine what works for you and what doesn't.  The number and frequency of appointments vary by individual.  All sessions are 55 minutes in length unless otherwise specified.

My goal for all of my clients is to serve as their intuitive eating and nutrition guide so that they can learn to trust themselves and ultimately become their own nutrition expert with confidence.

Issues with food often have deep psychological roots and are best treated with a team of clinical experts.  With your permission I will work with your clinical team (therapist, psychiatrist, medical doctor, etc) as appropriate for your needs and care plan. I am committed to providing the best service for my clients in order to obtain the outcomes that are most beneficial for them.